Paranormal Activity Detector Mel Meter

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4.5/5 on February 16, 2016

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64 reviews
  • Measures EMFs & Ambient Temperature
  • EMF “Burst” (100msec) mode feature for rapid EMF fluctuation
  • Night vision friendly red backlit display (can be turned off).
  • Built in IR safe Flashlight. The Mel Meter comes with a carrying case.
  • Power: 9V alkaline Battery (not included).

Mel 8704R Paranormal Ghost Hunting 3 in 1 Instrument New

This is the standard Mel Meter. The Mel has digital readout precision pf EMFs displayed in a back lit screen with night vision friendly red light. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields.
It has a built in Ambient Temperature meter. Both EMFs and Temps have the ability to record High and Low. So one can leave the meter and go away and come back and see what lowest temp was and highest EMF reading for instance.
A built in flahshlight The Mel meter also has an EMF burst mode which samples the EMF fields faster focusing all the capacity of the meter on EMF and then turning off the Temperature meter.

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